Working through some hardware issues

We’ve been working on some hardware issues with the HoloDragon device.  Learned quite a bit about how everything is working together.  A few notes:

  • The advertised viewing angle for a lot of LED monitors (even IPS ones) is total b.s.
  • There is a big difference between low, medium, and high end monitors.  Holy cow is there a difference.
  • Linux is great until you want to get it to work with anything really new.  We’ve had to invent a few things to get everything to work.

We’re a bit behind but its coming along.  Figure in 2-3 weeks we should be ready to show it off.


Stopped by the prototype shop and turned on the HoloDragon for the first time today.  It spun right up and blew us all a way.  They did a great job!  Here are some pics:

photo 1g

The main menu. Device is a bit naked for our tastes but look at all those flashing lights. It’s packed super tight with electronics in there.

photo 2g

Sketch and Tell, one of our first completed games on display. How awesome does that look?

photo 5g

28″ wide, 16″ long, and 1.25″ of awesomeness

Now all we have to do is fix a few of the minor issues and wait for graphics to do its thing and we’re good to go.  Some of the things we ran into:

  1. Viewing Angle – Not much we can do about this but its a prototype after all
  2. Crashing – A little problem of it crashing when under heavy load.  Hoping its just software
  3. Browser going crazy on us – zooming and flinching on its own

We’re all excited!

We’ve been working for over a year on the the hardware and software for HoloDragon.  Tomorrow we get to see the working, assembled prototype.  How cool is that?  We can’t wait and we’re all excited over here!  Pictures to follow.  Crossing our fingers everything goes well.

Update on Games and SDK

We’ve been working on games for HoloDragon and we’ve learned a few things trying to take full advantage of this platform.

  1. Touch makes a huge difference in game speed, usability and tactility
  2. We need mobile apps for each brand of phone to play the games (we’re working on these now)
  3. We can go much farther than just board games.  Since it has WIFI we made games that connect to Youtube, Walmart, and all sorts of other APIs.  (Next up is Facebook)

So far we have 21 games.  Some are original.  Some are classic.

We’re looking for developers or anyone who can connect us with board game companies.  Let us know if you can help!